Locals saddened as cult Tacoma Coyote ‘Jawless Jerry’ reportedly dies

January 5, 2024 by No Comments

According to a local Facebook group named Tacompton Files, the cult Tacoma coyote dubbed Jawless Jerry has sadly passed away. Over the past year, Jawless Jerry became an iconic figure in Tacoma due to his unique look which hideously involved the top of the coyote’s snout being completely removed. Despite this, the urban coyote seemingly lived an ordinary life and didn’t appear to be in any pain.

News of the alleged passing was reported yesterday by a group admin who said the following: ‘Unfortunately that coyote that we have been trying to trap for months that was missing his upper jaw, was hit on the exit ramp of I-5 & 38th St. and killed. No matter what we tried, he just wouldn’t go into the trap. My awesome friend went and picked him up and is going to bury him under the flower bed. Poor baby, I’m so sorry your life had to end this way. RIP sweet thing.’

News of the incident quickly spread to Reddit where hundreds of users paid their respects and discussed the coyote that had been the talk of the city throughout 2023. Throughout 2023, Jawless Jerry was photographed across various social media platforms and many people even tried to offer the beast food out of sympathy. Sadly, his time has come to an end. Despite achieving meme status, in a weird way, the tale of Jawless Jerry definitely helped improve community spirit in Tacoma.


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