Phil Murphy criticized after state minimum wage boasts

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was criticized after recently boasting about raising the state minimum wage. According to Murphy, he discussed a $15 hour minimum wage increase on his first day in office back in 2018 which has finally been implemented. While minimum wage increases are often welcomed by the general public, many constituents used this to poke holes in his economic policies and claim that all was not what it seemed.

Writing on his Twitter account, Murphy said: ‘My first full day in office in 2018, I met with workers in Newark to discuss the need for a $15/hour minimum wage and paid sick leave. Six years later, I’m proud to be back in the Ironbound – our minimum wage is now over $15/hour and paid sick leave is the law of the land.’

Replying to this, one user named Chris Raver was skeptical of whether this would work and claimed: “And the end result will be employers cutting hours, reducing staff, or increasing their prices, all of which hurt the people you claim to be helping.”

Similarly, another user chimed in saying: “Here’s what’s going to happen ace. Prices on basic goods and services will climb. Estimated for a Big Mac, $15. Secondly, companies will evolve to more automation and kiosks. Third the upshot will be layoffs and unemployment. Lastly, you will be driving out small business. So resign.”

Many other users also highlighted how this could lead to greater inflation and prove pointless. Ultimately, time will tell whether this wage increase is successful but it looks as though many people aren’t buying into it.

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