Newly boarded up Mission District KFC sums up the state of San Francisco’s food scene

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

A beloved late-night spot for many San Franciscans, the KFC at 200 Duboce Avenue in the Mission District has seemingly closed its doors for good.

The restaurant, which also housed a Taco Bell until 2021, is now boarded up with plywood and its logo has been removed from the building. While it still appears on KFC’s store locator, the phone line has been disconnected, suggesting the closure is permanent.

Image from Google Maps

Despite its mediocre two-star rating on Yelp, the KFC was a popular go-to for people leaving one of the neighborhood’s many bars. Its closure adds to the growing list of restaurants that have shuttered in San Francisco in recent years, reflecting the challenges faced by the city’s dining industry.

While the Mission District loses its late-night KFC fix, there are still four other combination KFC-Taco Bells to be found in San Francisco, located in the Tenderloin, Inner Richmond, Excelsior, and Parkside neighborhoods. Additionally, a fifth KFC-Taco Bell can be found just outside the city limits on Geneva Avenue in Daly City.

The closure of the 200 Duboce Avenue KFC serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of San Francisco’s dining scene which is arguably worse than ever when it comes to closures. Currently, it is not known what the future holds for the state of the building.

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