Iconic barbecue restaurant to close after 44 years due to family death

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

After four decades of gracing Johnson County with its renowned barbeque, Wyandot Barbeque’s Overland Park location has bid farewell. As of Tuesday, the doors closed at 7215 W. 75th St., marking the culmination of a chapter steeped in smoky ribs, crispy fries, and heartfelt community ties.

Founded in 1977 by Ron Williams at its original Kansas City location, Wyandot’s success prompted a Johnson County expansion in 1980. For years, both restaurants flourished under the elder Williams’s stewardship, eventually transitioning to his son, Ron Williams II, upon his passing in February. However, navigating the operation of two distinct locations presented unforeseen challenges.

Furthermore, plans for the Overland Park site’s sale were already in motion prior to Williams’s passing. Consequently, the decision to close this location reflects a strategic shift rather than an abrupt ending.

The heart of Wyandot’s legacy, its State Avenue flagship in Kansas City, remains a testament to the Williams family’s unwavering commitment to barbeque excellence. Over the years, this eatery served generations and was known as one of the best BBQ restaurants in the city. Because of this, customers were unsurprisingly saddened to hear of the news of its closure.

Meanwhile, the Overland Park property, boasting over 40 years of history within its walls, awaits a new chapter under the guidance of Block Real Estate.

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