Green Day Germania Insurance Amphitheater tickets cost thousands – And locals are fuming

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

Rock band Green Day are heading to Austin in September of this year, and naturally this means that local fans are excited. The group will be performing at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater on September 10th and although this may sound promising, the prices for the pit have infuriated locals. Priced on the reselling website, prices start from $1,426 and range the way to $2,168.

Even the most ardent of Green Day fans will admit that this is a high price to pay to see even one of the world’s most famous groups. Based on the popularity of the band, it looks like these tickets will sell out which from a business perspective makes sense. Nonetheless, it’s understandable that some people aren’t happy. To add further salt to the wounds, these prices may also be the tip of the iceberg as they may go even higher if the demand for tickets justifies ticket scalpers getting further involved.


It should be noted that the original pit price before resellers is $699. While this is significantly cheaper, it still highlights how expensive this concert is. News of the prices was shared on Reddit where hundreds of rock heads gave their take on the issue. Here, one user claimed: “I’m old enough to say I saw Green Day play Vino’s in Little Rock with Chino Horde (Jason White, who’s now GD’s second guitarist was a member) and a few other local bands in 1992. It was a fiver to get in and we put our own black X’es on the backs of our hands because that was cool. $2500…Jesus.”

Unfortunately, this practice is nothing new and it won’t be the last time that this sort of incident happens in Austin either.


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