Ex-employee gives scathing review of Rag O Rama days after its shock closure

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

This week, it emerged that the Columbus clothes shop Rag O Rama had permanently closed. This was an abrupt closure that seemingly left its employees equally as shocked as it did the public. Now, an anonymous ex-worker claims that they were badly treated by the store.

In a post made on Reddit, they started by saying: ‘So basically my story is that the owner updated the handbooks about three weeks ago to let every employee made aware they are employed at-will so they could legally get away with completely ghosting all the employees about the store closing.’

The post continued, claiming that they were now left jobless and described the owner as a ‘scummy snake’ before finishing by closing, ‘To be quite frank my employment at Rag O Rama was incredibly toxic from the upper management, I was belittled constantly and made to feel inadequate even though I was giving my all to that company that has only screwed me over in the long run.’


Founded in 1997 by owner Vance Whitener, Rag-O-Rama initially occupied the former West Coast Video store at 2661 N. High St. Subsequently, it relocated up the street to 3301 N. High St., becoming a pioneer in the wave of central Ohio resale and vintage clothing stores that later emerged.

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