Urban Putt indoor mini-golf venue closes after 10 years of business

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

Urban Putt, the pioneering indoor miniature golf course that graced San Francisco’s South Van Ness district at 22nd Street, concluded its decade-long journey last Saturday. The farewell whispers began in May 2023, when Funlab, a prominent Australian leisure conglomerate, announced its acquisition of Urban Putt’s San Francisco locale, with plans for a transformative rebranding into Holey Moley mini golf club. Anticipations for Holey Moley’s debut soar high, tentatively set for early 2024, possibly as soon as March, as confirmed by proprietor Steve Fox.

Urban Putt, San Francisco’s haven for adult-oriented miniature golf, navigated turbulent waters during the pandemic, particularly during its extended 13-month closure. Upon reopening, stringent restrictions, such as the six-foot social distancing mandate, further impeded its recovery, ultimately preventing a full resurgence.

Beyond the miniature greens, Urban Putt cultivated a unique, experiential space. A captivating kinetic sculpture, a charming homage to Sutro Tower and Dia de Los Muertos, and even the occasional episode of inundation within its venerable, potentially 19th-century building, all contributed to its distinct character.

In June 2023, Fox finalized the deal with Funlab, expressing optimism for the venue’s future under the new management. Meanwhile, he embarks on a new chapter, actively preparing for the upcoming opening of a fresh Urban Putt in downtown San Jose, slated for late January at 201 South Second Street.

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