The Bronx’s most expensive home goes up for sale – And you’ll fall in love with it

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

The most expensive home has just gone up for sale in the Bronx. In fairness, its price tag is justified as it’s filled with character and is certainly unique. Located at Villanova Heights, this was originally built in 2005. However, due to its quirky architecture, it could easily pass for being 100 years old. Here, it has a lovely brick exterior with a cozy porch and loft extension.

Location-wise, it doesn’t get much better than this as it is also 20 minutes away from Manhattan, while closer to home it is surrounded by lush greenery, including a sizeable front and backyard. In the back, it even has a large swimming pool which typically isn’t associated with most properties in the Bronx.


Listed on Zillow, it is priced at $7,950,000 and includes 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 11,135 sqft of living space. This surely makes it one of the largest properties in the area too. As seen, the interior is equally as impressive and boasts an interesting white and teal color scheme throughout. This comes with a cozy living room as well as plenty of large, expansive rooms located elsewhere.


It also comes with a sauna room, home gym, playroom, garage spaces, and a gourmet kitchen. Based on this, you can see why it commands such a high price tag and highlights how the other half live in the Bronx.


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