Religious extremists invade Tampa – And not for the first time

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday evening, a large group of religious extremists gathered outside the Tabanero Cigars shop in Tampa. Here, they chanted religious quotes and borderline harassed locals. As seen, one member even held a cliched placard that read ‘Are you on the highway to hell?’ which was accompanied by a megaphone condemning people to hell. This summed up the affair which may have caused a nuisance for passersby.

Sadly for Tampa residents, this is an all too familiar sight that many locals will have seen many times before. Over the years, this group has often frequented the USF campus with a similar agenda and judgemental stance.


News of the incident was first shared on Reddit which prompted a large discussion surrounding the purpose and effectiveness of this fringe group. Here, a number claimed that they would fail to get conversions due to their overly-critical approach while one added: “Interestingly enough I personally have known 2 “street preachers” that would do things like the pic. Neither of them actually attended church. They would both tell you that the church is just as corrupt as the people on the street and that the Bible is the word of god and the only way to salvation.”

While nothing new, it looks as though 2024 will be more of the same in Tampa, which may be annoying for those minding their own business.


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