J B Pritzker criticized after claiming to grow the Illinois economy

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

With the new year underway, Illinois Governor J B Pritzker has already landed himself in hot water. This time it is about his comments surrounding the local economy. Here, Pritzker took to Twitter to claim the new EDA plan would grow the Illinois economy and improve the workforce. Although this took on a positive tone, not everyone saw it that way and some were very critical of his policies.

Here, Pritzker wrote: ‘The Biden Administration is opening doors for Illinois working families. @US_EDA ‘s Recompete Plan ensures that no one is left behind as we grow our economy and invest in our workforce. Grateful they’ve seen the potential in our capital city and more.’

Replying to this, one user quipped: “So when are our property taxes going to come down? When are you going to reduce the required assessment level from 33.3% to about 15%? Never, but you’ll rip toilets out of your mansion in an effort to dodge your taxes, won’t you Mr. Fair Share?” – This was a clear reference to Pritzker’s 2018 toilet scandal.

Similarly, another user added: “Am I the only one who scratched their head upon reading the article, it’s money to organize to plan, with lofty MBA, DEI, GoV words? How about incentivizing employers with cheap land, utilities, and ready workers?”

Based on this, it looks like Pritzker has started the year as he means to go on with various PR statements that will surely sit poorly with his critics.

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