Huge lines sighted at MCO as travelers wait for hours

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

It may be a new year but it looks as though it’s business as usual for travelers flying out of Orlando International Airport. An image shared on social media highlighted huge delays and was captioned: ‘You all think the Disney ride lines are long! Bag drop for Frontier at MCO is ridiculous right now. One hour and I made it to the queue area.’


The above image was first shared on Reddit where users cynically agreed that this was a fairly typical affair.

Responding to this, one local claimed that MCO had been like this for years and that this wasn’t anything new. Here they said: “One of the biggest downfalls to living in central FL compared to South Florida where I grew up is that you’re really limited in using MCO for flights. In South Florida, you can use the Palm Beach International Airport, Miami International, and Fort Lauderdale International and they’re all about an hour and change away from each other. I’ve never experienced anything like what’s pictured here and you could compare and get reasonable pricing for flights much easier.”

Often, several factors contribute to baggage handling delays at MCO airport, including issues with the high-tech baggage handling system, increased passenger traffic, and staffing challenges. Additionally, the airport has seen a surge in passenger traffic in recent months, which has put added strain on the baggage handling system.


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