Footage shows downtown FTL street racing at 1 AM – And locals are growing sick and tired of it

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday night at 1 AM, downtown Fort Lauderdale resembled scenes from the Fast and Furious car movies as opposed to the sleepy streets you would associate with in the dead of night. According to one local resident, this was the fourth time in the past two months that this noisy occurrence had happened.

One Fort Lauderdale local named Josh Berthold managed to film the incident and posted it to social media. One of the captions in the video compared the scenes to the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. Here, a number of revelers were literally in the middle of the road watching loud cars perform tricks such as speeding and drifting dangerously around corners.

Unsurprisingly, this annoyed local residents who were understandably sick and tired of these selfish antics. Responding on Reddit, one user went as far as to say: “There are plenty of empty parking lots they could do this in. I’ll never understand the increasingly prevalent mental illness of willingly inconveniencing and endangering other people’s lives and property for no rational reason.”

This prompted others to ask questions about the local police who were not present at the scene. Unfortunately, this behavior is nothing new and until a crackdown takes place, it looks to continue well into the new year.

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