Brazen Seattle Base Jumpers spotted in city center

January 3, 2024 by No Comments

Today, a video taken from a Seattle office block showed two callous base jumpers gliding through the skies of First Hill before landing at 8th and Columbia. According to the video description, they landed just 500 feet away from the Seattle Police Department. The context of this is extra interesting, considering that it is illegal to base jump and is extra dangerous to do this in urban areas. After landing, the jumpers fled on foot to avoid the authorities.

The identity of the jumpers has not yet been identified and for now, they remain anonymous. On a similar note, the motives for their stunt remains unknown.

Aside from the obvious security reasons, base jumping is illegal in Seattle due to safety concerns and potential legal liabilities. As jumping from high structures can lead to injuries and fatalities, the city wants to minimize these incidents by prohibiting base jumping.

The activity also requires specialized equipment and training, which not all jumpers possess, leading to a higher risk of accidents. Additionally, base jumping can be disruptive to the local community, causing noise and congestion, and can damage buildings and structures.

It is not known whether this will happen again but it’s fair to say that it’s not an everyday occurrence when looking out of windows in the city center.


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