Vegan Omaha restaurant accuses rival eatery of leaving sub par review

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

Sometimes, the online world of review websites can be a murky and cutthroat place. In this case, vegan restaurant Veg. Edible recently claimed that a review describing their eatery as ‘subpar’ was left by a competitor.

This incident took place over the review site Happy Cow where a user named ZonoiZ claimed that the bun was dry and was disappointed with the $8 cost for a burger. Replying to this, Veg. Edible wrote: ‘PSA: If you’re the ‘executive chef’ of another local eatery, you don’t get to hide behind the same username for all your other social media accounts and leave rude, undeserving reviews.’ The full exchange can be seen below in greater detail.


During its tenure, Veg. Edible has earned a solid reputation as one of Omaha’s best vegan restaurants. However, this isn’t the first time that its social media page has gone on the warpath. Not only this but the idea of a competitor leaving the 3/5 star review has not been proven. Based on this, it may be an idea for this restaurant to focus on its food in the future which should always be the main talking point of any restaurant.

Veg. Edible is a new vegan and gluten-free restaurant that recently opened in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood. The menu features a range of sweet and savory dishes, all of which are free of animal products and gluten. Here, they serve dishes such as oreo cakes, burgers, tacos, and cookies among other dishes.


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