This property has just gone up for sale – And it looks like a giant treehouse

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

One of Asheville’s most interesting properties has just been listed for sale. Located on Kalmia Drive, this house is literally built into the side of the Blue Ridge mountains and is reinforced by stilts. Due to its natural location and prominent use of wooden architecture, it also resembles a treehouse. However, this isn’t some rogue DIY project as it’s clearly had a lot of effort and money put into it. As a result, the insides of the property are just as quirky as its unusual exterior.

Listed on Zillow, this includes 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 3,790 sqft of living space. It also includes 2.70 acres of surrounding land, meaning it could potentially be expanded if desired. Unfortunately, this beautiful home comes at a price. It is on sale for $3,995,000 but its monthly HOA fee is a very reasonable $9.


As seen, this features an open-plan layout with huge windows that allow for some very picturesque views. It also comes with modern interiors, as well as a wet bar and cozy balcony area. This has an outdoor fireplace, jacuzzi, BBQ area, and plenty of furniture to relax with.


Due to the location, there’s also not a soul in sight and it truly is located among the trees. For those wanting to escape the hassle of city life, this is perfect. However, this comes with a high cost.

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