North Carolinians start petition to kick out David Tepper after Panthers drink scandal

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper faces public scrutiny after video footage emerged of him seemingly throwing a drink towards Jacksonville Jaguars fans during Sunday’s resounding 26-0 loss. The incident, which transpired with approximately three minutes remaining in the game, occurred shortly after Panthers quarterback Bryce Young threw an interception, adding to the team’s frustrations.

The circulating video depicts Tepper in his open-air suite at TIAA Bank Field (formerly EverBank Stadium). He appears agitated, and in a swift motion, throws the contents of his cup towards the stands below, where Jaguars fans were celebrating their team’s dominant performance.

In response to this, a petition has since been made to remove his ownership from the NFL franchise. The petition currently has hundreds of signatures and claims: ‘His actions have not only been detrimental to the team but also to our community in Charlotte, NC, and indeed, to our nation.’

Responding to this, various Panthers fans voiced their displeasure at Tepper. However, the likelihood is that this signature will not remove him. Nonetheless, it does highlight the growing discontent aimed towards the controversial owner.

While the precise contents of the cup remain unconfirmed, the gesture was widely interpreted as disrespectful and unbecoming of an NFL owner. The incident sparked online debate, with many criticizing Tepper’s conduct as unprofessional and unsportsmanlike.

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