Kay Ivey blasted after claiming state’s future ‘remains bright’

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

With the New Year recently ushered in, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey took this time to reflect on the previous year and also to look forward to the future. Speaking on her Twitter account, Ivey wrote: ‘This year, I was proud to be sworn in for another term as governor of the great state of Alabama. In 2024, I’m looking forward to continuing our hard work to ensure our state’s future remains bright and prosperous for all.’

Although Ivey’s tone had a strong sense of optimism, not everyone agreed. In fact, several of her constituents used the platform to criticize her take on things and simultaneously remind her that Alabama was struggling in certain areas.

Responding to this, one user named Elmo Jones claimed: “Just based on the history of the state. You are another failure, a pawn of Riley, big mules, the wealthy. Covid money propped up the whole affair. One of the worst revenue-starved states has a reckoning coming. Happy 80th Birthday.”

Similarly, another user named B K Hunter added: “AL remains dead last or close to it in every quality of life indicator, i.e. life expectancy, infant and adult mortality, income, etc. Rural hospitals closing. All “good” is the result of POTUS Biden’s infrastructure legislation which the GOP voted against then took full credit.”

Based on this, it looks as though Ivey’s original statement may be correct after all, and the state does need to work hard in 2024.


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