Greg Gianforte criticized after recent tax relief comments

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was recently criticized by a number of Montans after taking credit for tax relief policies in 2023. This announcement was made on the final day of 2023 on the governor’s Twitter account. However, not everyone saw it from his perspective and used the replies section to air their grievances.

Gianforte’s original statement read as follows: ‘Montanans should keep more of what they earn. In 2023, we provided permanent, long-term tax relief to Montanans at every income level.’ This was accompanied by a photo that read: ‘Record income tax cuts. Providing relief to Montanans at every income level.’

Replying to this, some claimed that Gianforte’s tax policies had protected the wealthy of the state while harming the working classes. One user named Bob Brigham said: “You raised taxes on Montanans to cut them for rich, out-of-state trash. Stop lying.”

Similarly, another constituent added: “Can’t keep it when you raise taxes on the working class Mr. Businessman. Lying Hypocrite.”

These were just a few of the comments aimed toward Gianforte and highlights the growing chasm between the rich and poor in the state. In a tale as old of time, those on lower incomes clearly feel under-represented by their politicians. Sadly, it looks as though 2024 will be business as usual.


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