Beloved Sam’s Hof Brau closed for good as the site is now available for lease

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

In February of last year, the iconic Sam’s Hof Brau restaurant in Sacramento was tragically destroyed in a devastating fire. Despite the tragic event, rumors circulated that the eatery would be returning after a period of renovation. Specifically, a date in November was quoted. However, this has since come and gone with no re-opening. Now, it is believed that the restaurant has finally closed its doors for good.

More telling than social media rumors is a recent photo that shows a sign on the side of the building. This reads: ‘For lease +7,208 sqft former restaurant.’ Fans of Sam’s Hof Brau may want to take note of the term ‘former restaurant’ which is rather telling.

Image from Google Maps

Returning to social media hearsay, a Facebook group dedicated to the area recently had this to say: ‘It comes with a heavy heart to tell you that our beloved Sam’s Hof Brau will not be re-opening. There is a new sign up on the front of the building advertising it as “for lease, restaurant.” Ever since the fire last February 7th, the Gordon family has hoped to reopen, but apparently something got in the way of those plans.’

Sam’s Hof Brau was a legendary restaurant in Sacramento, California that has been serving up homemade comfort food since 1959. The restaurant was known for its old-school decor and classic menu items like roast beef sandwiches, meatloaf, and fried chicken.

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