Beloved Bay Area Cafe closes after 45 years of business

January 2, 2024 by No Comments

For four and a half decades, Berkeley’s Homemade Cafe held a cherished place in the community, offering not only delicious meals but also a platform for generosity. Founded in 1979 at the intersection of Sacramento Street and Dwight Way, the cafe served its final breakfast on January 1st, concluding a legacy marked by compassion and warm hospitality.

In 2011, under the ownership of Collin Doran, Homemade Cafe became a national symbol of human kindness with the introduction of its Everybody Eats program. This impactful initiative provided free breakfast vouchers for those facing financial hardship, funded by customers who purchased pay-it-forward tickets for $5. These vouchers offered a simple yet nourishing breakfast of two eggs (cooked to order), potatoes, toast, and coffee, demonstrating the cafe’s commitment to nourishing both body and spirit.

Last Friday, amidst a poignant Facebook announcement, Mr. Doran shared the difficult decision to close Homemade Cafe permanently. Here, he wrote: ‘Thank you for the last 45 years. It has been an honor and our distinct privilege to serve you, one and all! However, it now has come to an end. New Year’s Day will be the last day Homemade Cafe will be open!’

The news resonated deeply within the community, prompting an outpouring of gratitude and fond memories from patrons who cherished the cafe’s welcoming atmosphere and unwavering dedication to serving all members of society.

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