Tension rises between locals and encampment after homeless accused of eating pet cat

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

Over the past year, Portland has battled a homeless problem and for the most part, the hardworking people of the city have put up with various incidents such as public drug use, crime, and fires. However, a recent post on the Nextdoor app proved that tensions in one neighborhood are growing.

Here, a user posted a recent story that took place at the homeless encampment between Powell and Division, located on the 205 Bike Trail. According to the eyewitness, they saw a number of homeless people kill and then eat a cat. The eyewitness apparently took photos of proof which were subsequently provided to the relevant authorities. The full story can be seen below in greater detail.


At this point in time, it should be noted that this is the story of one individual that has not been proven. Nonetheless, it also seems like it would be a bizarre thing to make up. Unfortunately, if true, this story highlights the growing divide in Portland and that some communities are struggling with the local homeless population.

With 2024 now in full swing, locals can look forward to new policies that will try to treat homelessness for the better of the city. Nonetheless, if history tells us anything, this will be a very hard task.

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