New Korean Chicken Karaoke chain opens in Little Rock

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

Little Rock now has a new Korean eatery. BB.Q Chicken & Pub has just opened up shop and is located where David’s used to be on Bowman. This is the first of the chain’s stores in Little Rock as it has a large presence in the far east and a few other locations dotted around the US.

BB.Q Chicken offers a full-service dining experience complete with beer and cocktails. Unlike the previous establishment at that location, there will not be a drive-thru option, but customers will have the convenience of online ordering and delivery through third-party services after the team has had some time to settle in and establish their processes.

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One of the standout features of the new restaurant will be the inclusion of two karaoke rooms available for hourly rental. This unique offering will allow guests to enjoy a lively and entertaining dining experience.

BB.Q Chicken is a Korean fried chicken franchise that is known for its fried chicken. The menu at BB.Q Chicken features a variety of fried chicken dishes, including spicy, garlic soy, and honey butter flavors. They also offer a range of sides and beverages to complement the chicken, such as pickled radishes, sweet potato fries, and Korean beer. As for the number of locations, BB.Q Chicken is still a relatively new chain in the US but has thousands of locations across the world.

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