Iconic Thai Restaurant announces closure after 40 years of business

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

In shocking news, Thai Restaurant on Greenmount Ave yesterday claimed that they were closing down. This announcement was made on their Instagram account where they thanked the Waverly neighborhood and its customers.

While the eatery didn’t explain why they were closing, they did claim that they would be back at a later date in a new location. However, this information was quite vague and it seems as though plans are still in their early stages at this moment in time.

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Speaking on Instagram, Thai Restaurant said: ‘We want to say a special thank you to the Waverly Neighborhood, it has been an honor to be a founding business of @waverlymainst and to serve this community for 40 plus years. Unfortunately, our time has come to say goodbye. Your favorite family-run Thai spot has officially closed its doors. We will be back, but don’t know where yet. Keep an eye out because we hope to be back at a new location sooner than later!’

Over the years, Thai Restaurant has served the Baltimore community for decades and earned the reputation of being one of the best Asian restaurants in the city. Although its closure may be sad news to many, it looks as though it may not be the end if they can secure a new location elsewhere. However, it looks as though this may not happen in the short term.

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