Iconic Jacksonville nightclub to close after 33 years of business

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

After 33 years as a beloved Arlington landmark, Jim’s Place will bid farewell on January 1st. Owner Jim Jones III, 78, has made the difficult decision to close the establishment and sell the property due to health concerns. Mr. Jones, a distinguished veteran and former AT&T recruiter, has battled two bouts of cancer since 2000 and faced two strokes in recent years. He has determined it is time to step back from the demanding life of nightclub ownership.

On December 4th, Mr. Jones stood at the entrance of his establishment at 7900 Arlington Expressway, unlocking the door for one last time. The remnants of a successful Sunday night lingered – napkins scattered on the floor, empty glasses awaiting cleaning, and even a lone chicken wing left behind. Bartending duties have become challenging for Mr. Jones, as his memory struggles to recall complex drink orders.

Jim’s Place stands as a testament to a bygone era, one where the Arlington and Regency areas pulsated with nightlife. The club’s resident DJ spins a nostalgic mix of R&B, blues, and classic Top 40, with a deliberate avoidance of modern rap. Food is offered, but the true essence of Jim’s Place lies in the space it provides for revelry and communal relaxation.

Patrons, making their final pilgrimages to Jim’s Place, have expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jones for his unwavering dedication to the community over the past three decades. His establishment has been a haven for countless memories, a beacon of warmth and laughter in the heart of Arlington.

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