Iconic deli Tia Maria’s has closed – And here’s what’s replaced it

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

In case you didn’t know, the popular Astoria deli Tia Maria has closed. Interestingly, it is still listed as open on Google, however reality would suggest otherwise. This is because their phone number hasn’t worked for months and more tellingly, the shop has been replaced with another deli, named Deli Don Chabelo. This still uses the classic yellow signage and even offers a similar menu including birria tacos, carnitas, and other Mexican dishes.

Since then, the Instagram page of Tia Maria has also changed its stance. Now, it is advertised as a catering company in NYC and New Jersey without reference to the storefront. Despite looking like a potential re-brand, it is believed that Deli Don Chabelo is not associated with the original Tia Maria family.


This was mentioned by a local who said: “I’m friends with the family that used to run Tia Maria’s. To clarify: they did sell their place a few months ago and are not affiliated with the new owners of the place. they don’t have a physical store anymore, but they still do catering in NY and NJ!”

Regardless, it looks as though there hasn’t been much change in terms of the decor or menu. Based on this, it looks as though this will remain a beloved taco spot for Astoria locals.


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