Beloved Coffee Shop to re-open in days under new management

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

The esteemed Lexington coffee and confectionery establishment, Chocolate Holler, formerly shuttered on December 23rd, 2023, after six years of esteemed service, has received a delightful reprieve. A recent social media announcement indicates a grand reopening under new stewardship.

Based on these postings, a resumption of operations is anticipated within the first week of the year, potentially accompanied by an extension of operational hours.

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Salvador Sanchez, the previous owner, did not offer immediate comment upon a request for information regarding the closure. Mr. Sanchez established Chocolate Holler as a satellite venture to his Cup of Common Wealth coffee shop, situated in a proximate vicinity.

On December 1st, 2023, Mr. Sanchez made the poignant announcement of the establishment’s closure, renowned for its potable chocolate, delectable pastries, and tantalizing confectionery offerings.

This news elicited a spark of enterprising spirit in Lexington residents, Jeff and Heather Riddle. Upon encountering the announcement, the Riddles experienced an epiphany, leading them to assume ownership of Chocolate Holler. They are currently implementing their unique vision, encompassing longer operating hours and an expansion of the current menu.

Mr. and Mrs. Riddle express their aspirations to offer daily lunch service, accompanied by the introduction of novel lunch-oriented comestibles. Notably, the cherished moniker, Chocolate Holler, will persevere into this exciting new chapter.

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