Beloved bakery closes after landlord locks doors due to failure to pay rent

January 1, 2024 by No Comments

Following a successful decade of operation within San Antonio’s bakery and brunch landscape, Meemo’s Bakery has regrettably ceased its operations, as evidenced by notices prominently displayed upon its entryway. Although Meemo’s is now listed as permanently closed on Google, its Instagram page was active just one week ago with pictures of cookies. This highlights how customers never truly know what’s going on behind closed doors with businesses despite things looking good on the surface.

Anticipating fragrant pastries and delectable morning fare, patrons arriving at the establishment in recent days were met with locked doors and a terse announcement: ‘Sorry, we are permanently closed.’

Furthermore, directly above this somber notice, a formal notification from MHC Management informed passersby that due to a lease agreement violation, the bakery’s locks were altered on the preceding Thursday.


Photographs of the aforementioned signage, circulating on the social media platform Facebook, reveal the specific details of the breach – Meemo’s Bakery’s failure to fulfill a portion of its rental obligations to the aforementioned real estate management company.

The closure of Meemo’s Bakery represents yet another unfortunate addition to the recent string of restaurant closures observed across San Antonio, a phenomenon many within the industry attribute to the relentless inflation impacting all aspects of operation, from food procurement to energy costs.

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