Tina Kotek criticized after claiming Oregon needs to provide better mental health care

December 31, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek was criticized for claiming that the state needed to improve its care for mental illness. Undoubtedly, Oregon has its share of mental health issues which can be seen with the homeless crisis. However, her comments stoked tensions with those claiming that she was responsible for the blame.

Writing on Twitter, Kotek said: ‘So many Oregonians struggle with mental health or addiction challenges, or both. As we traveled the state, we listened to community leaders and service providers about how we can best work together to provide better care to people when they need it,’ which was accompanied by a video on the matter.

Responding to this, one user replied: “Kotek doesn’t care about Oregonian mental health. Friends and families of Democrats get the money to run these clinics and enjoy high salaries. The same with the non-profits that get millions to solve homelessness but nothing changes.”

Similarly, another constituent added: “You sure did help by legalizing drugs. Now you want more tax money. You’re part of the problem and most of Oregon knows it.”

As seen, from conspiracies to the encouragement of previously illegal drugs, it looks as though many Oregon residents didn’t agree with Kotek and believed she had her part to play in the state’s poor mental health.


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