Lakeview resident left with Non-Residential Tow Zone sign – But all is not what it seems

December 31, 2023 by No Comments

A New Orleans resident was recently left with a makeshift ‘Non-Residental Tow Zone’ sign on their car windshield after parking in Lakeview. While the tone of the sign may sound fairly authoritative, it turns out that this was the work of a disgruntled local, rather than the city or an institution that could yield any power.

News of the bogus sign was first posted on Reddit, where the victim of the orange slip had this to say: “There was one handicapped sign and one Residential Parking Only sign, both in front of the same house. I parked two houses down from that house. Those were the only signs concerning parking on the street. I went to a coffee shop nearby, and I came back to this on the windshield. Someone has a neat little hobby.”


Responding to this, hundreds of users piled in with their own comments. The consensus was that the person who left the note had far too much time on their hands and went through a lot of trouble to make a handmade towing sign. Regardless of their efforts, it looks like the victim of the sign was unphased anyway and ignored it.

While parking in New Orleans may prove troublesome at times, it looks as though this is not the answer. Not only does it look petty but also looks pointless as well.

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