Footage shows rare meteor spotted over Henderson

December 31, 2023 by No Comments

While Las Vegas may be home to many stars, most of them are not in the skies. However, yesterday evening at approximately 6:40 PM, a meteor comet was seen in the sky above Henderson. The video was recorded by a car dashcam on 215 eastbound before Windmill toward Green Valley. The meteor headed toward Black Mountain before seemingly combusting in mid-air.

The video footage was uploaded to social media where various Las Vegas residents gave their take on the unusual scenario. Here, one local also claimed to have seen it and said: “I saw this last night too heading down to Red Rock Casino. I got it on my dash cam, just haven’t copied the video yet.” Others jokingly claimed that it could lead to yet another story involving aliens in someone’s backyard which occurred earlier in the year.

While meteors are uncommon in Las Vegas, on average, experienced observers can expect to see only about one meteor of magnitude -6 or better for every 200 hours of observation. Typically, they are most visible in August, so seeing one in December is even more unusual.

It is believed that most of the meteor exploded in the sky, however the value of a crashed meteor can vary greatly depending on its size, composition, and rarity. Some meteorites can be worth relatively little, while others can fetch tens of thousands of dollars or more.

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