Bill Lee criticized after ‘education freedom’ comments for Tennessee school kids

December 31, 2023 by No Comments

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently got into hot water after visiting local schools and documenting it in a slick video. This was accompanied by comments made on Twitter regarding ’empowering education freedom’ in the state. Unsurprisingly, this gained a lot of negative attention from those who opposed his education policies. In total, hundreds of people replied with many of them critical of his take on how education should be taught.

Specifically, Lee wrote: ‘Education can change a child’s life, & every parent should be empowered to pick the right school for their child. Our statewide parental choice proposal will extend education freedom to families across TN, regardless of zip code or income.’

Replying to this, one user named John B. Cagle said: “This is the greatest lie ever told to Tennesseans. The only “choice” is which ed-profiteers will choose to start trash private schools to make money off our children, and which students private schools will select to join their non-accountable institutions.”

Similarly, user David Hooper added: “This isn’t new—they’re called private schools and we’ve had them for years. You pay them money, and they “educate” your kids. Sometimes they make them memorize Bible verses.”

These were just a handful of replies which shared a similar theme. As for Bill Lee, it looks as though a well-crafted video may not be enough to convince Tennesseans of his governing prowess.

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