Ani’s Day and Night locked out by landlord after failure to pay rent

December 31, 2023 by No Comments

This week, Ani’s Day and Night has been served a notice of lockout for nonpayment of rent by its landlord. This news emerged after an Austin resident photographed the sign left by the landlord at the front of the building. The notice was left by the landlord Freddy Fernandez who had clearly taken matters into his own hands.

Part of the notice read: ‘You will not be provided a new key or entry into the premises until all past due rents are paid in full in the form of a cashier’s check, certified bank check, cash, or if you provide uncertified funds, a new key will be provided only after collection of such payment through normal banking channels.’


Checking on its Google profile, Ani’s is currently listed as temporarily closed. However, it is not known when it will return, or whether it will return at all at this point. Over the years, Ani’s became popular within Austin for its menu which included an eclectic mixture of coffee, alcoholic drinks, and hot food served by two food trucks.

Because of this, Ani’s gained a solid reputation in the city. However, it goes without saying that if it fails to pay its rent then Ani’s may not be around to continue growing its reputation.


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