Super rare Piebald deer spotted in Asheville

December 30, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a shocked Asheville resident saw the rare sighting of a piebald deer in the wild. They claimed this was near Cahsiers and to have seen thousands of deer in their life, but never one like this. Although Asheville does have a significant deer population, seeing one of these still remains incredibly slim.

Not to be confused with albinoism, piebald is the result of rare genetics which is why it’s so uncommon. News of the deer was posted on social media where locals reacted in shock and awe. Luckily, the photographer managed to photo it as proof.


A piebald deer is a deer with a unique coat that has patches of white and brown fur, giving it a speckled or mottled appearance. This coloration is caused by a genetic mutation, which results in a partial loss of pigmentation in the animal’s fur. Piebald deer are relatively rare in the wild, with estimates suggesting that they make up only about 1-2% of the overall deer population.

Despite their rarity, piebald deer are highly sought after by hunters due to their unique appearance and rarity. However, because of their low population numbers, hunting piebald deer is often prohibited in many states and countries, as it can have a negative impact on the species’ overall population.

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