Military planes spotted in Pasadena skies – But there is a very simple explanation

December 30, 2023 by No Comments

If you looked at the skies yesterday along the San Gabriel Mountains, then you may have spotted 8 planes flying in unison. While this may have been a possible cause for concern for some, there is actually a simple explanation. In fact, if you were able to look a little closer then you may have seen that these planes were pretty vintage and there is a key reason for this.


It turns out that these were part of the iconic Tiger Squadron who are known for performing stunts. These were in town to grace the Rose Parade. However, their presence was noted beyond this as a curious eyewitness asked about their reason for flying in Pasadena on social media.

The Tiger Squadron is a group of skilled pilots who perform breathtaking formation flying maneuvers at air shows and events throughout Southern California. They fly a range of impressive aircraft, including the Chinese Nanchang CJ6A, the Russian Yak 52, Yak 50, and Yak 18T. The Yakovlev Yak airplanes in particular have a rich and fascinating history that dates back to World War II. Designed by the renowned Soviet aircraft designer, Alexander Yakovlev, the first Yak aircraft, the Yak-1, was introduced in 1940 as a light and maneuverable fighter plane.

Each of these planes is known for its agility and performance, making them perfect for the Tiger Squadron’s intricate and thrilling formation flying routines.

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