Jay Inslee criticized over 2023 infrastructure boasts

December 30, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee made a rather controversial statement on his personal Twitter account. Here, he claimed that 2023 was a big leap for the state in terms of housing, rents, public transport, and gun legislation. Although he played off the year with optimism, not everyone agreed. In fact, many used the platform to criticize the Washington Governor. In total nearly 200 people replied to his announcement, with the majority of them criticizing his policies.

Specifically, Inslee wrote: ‘2023 was a big leap for our state toward a clean, just and exciting future. Historic investments in housing will accelerate construction and restrain runaway rents. Historic gun legislation will save lives and kids now ride public transit for free.’

Replying to this, one user named Kip stated: “My rent is high. My bills are high. My wage is stagnant. Costs are through the roof. Our infrastructure is one of the worst in the nation. Our ferries…you’re the epitome of a corporate governor.”

Similarly, a user named Jeff quipped: “Edit* 2023 a big leap backward for our state, starting with homelessness and drug abuse across our communities. Wasted efforts in housing have made ownership unattainable for most people. Lastly, unconstitutional laws that won’t affect crime and wasted taxpayer dollars passed.”

Based on these comments, it will be interesting to see what Inslee can offer Washington in 2024 and whether his policies will be deemed good enough.

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