Gretchen Whitmer criticized after 2023 Michigan tax boasts

December 30, 2023 by No Comments

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was recently criticized after making a slick Twitter video explaining her successful policies over the past year. Although she was quick to talk up her successes, Whitmer also conveniently ignored the less successful parts of her administration. Overall, this video prompted hundreds of divisive comments. Here, some complimented their governor while others used it to challenge her claims.

This was accompanied by a caption that read: ‘From helping our seniors by rolling back the retirement tax to ensuring all 1.4 million students learn with full bellies, in 2023, we’ve passed legislation to support all Michiganders.’

Responding to this, one user named Tom quipped: “Forgot to brag about my income tax going up. Forgot to brag about destroying our state with your green pipe dream. Haven’t had sun or wind in over a week.”

Elsewhere, a constituent named Chris Palmer added: “Dishonest to imply you rolled back the retirement tax, you merely reinstated a tax benefit for government employees that is now paid for retirees from the private sector.”

Unfortunately for Whitmer, these were just a few of the many comments aimed toward her. If nothing else, this highlights the political divide in the state which also shows that what some view as good maybe viewed as bad by others.

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