Spencer Cox criticized after proposed Utah budget – with $14.4 million on bizarre ‘core cultural element’

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

With 2024 fast approaching, Utah Governor Spencer Cox just released his proposed FY25 budget for the state. Overall, this represented more than $1 billion being spent on public services, with the vast majority of that sum going into public education. Naturally, this budget was always going to raise eyebrows among critics, and some weren’t happy with where the taxpayer money was going.

Cox made the statement on his Twitter page where he said: ‘ICYMI: Earlier this month we released our proposed FY25 budget recommendations to ensure a bright future for Utahns including $81 million to improve our water and watershed management. $122 million in transportation and air quality investments. $169.7 million for rural Utah. $854.6 million in new appropriations for public education. $2.9 million to add hundreds of new openings in mental and behavioral health degree programs. $9.2 million for victims services. $68.8 million in investments to support families. $14.4 million to elevate service as a core cultural element in Utah.’

Responding to this, one user named Kara J claimed: “You took more resources away from kids and adults with autism and epilepsy. You took more people off of food stamps and healthcare who needed it, more homeless people who want to work but can’t without an address, increase in teen suicide, many OBGYNs have moved out of state.”

Elsewhere, a user named Sylvia Mierafisk added: “14 million to elevate core cultural what?!” – In fairness to Sylvia, the wording of this particular policy does seem incredibly vague and confusing. Sadly for Cox, many other replies followed a similar nature, with Utah residents questioning how effective this proposed bill would actually be.


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