Locals put up ‘No Honking’ signs next to Miracle on 13th St. due to loud tourists

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

Locals from neighboring blocks next to Philadelphia’s Miracle on 13th St. attraction took to putting up anti-honking signs over the holiday season. This was because cars were allegedly honking their horns while driving through the neighborhood in a nod to its festive vibes. A number of signs were put on signs, with some reading ‘Honking makes the baby Jesus cry!’ and ‘Only a real jabroni would honk at the miracle.’

News of the signs first emerged on Reddit where one user claimed to have lived near the attraction and claimed it wasn’t fun. Here they wrote: “I’ve got a ground-level apartment (never again) that sits about 60’ from an intersection in Rittenhouse. It’s almost unbelievable how childish and self-important are when it comes to people screaming at each other, loud music, and leaning on their horns.”


Although these signs may come across as passive-aggressive, there is also a reason why they’ve been erected. Although the Miracle on 13th St. is a tourist attraction, people should still be respectful of those who live in the area.

Whether these signs prove successful remains to be seen. Nonetheless, this shows the human side to tourism where real people are affected by the actions of others. Thankfully, with the holiday season coming to an end, it looks as though this issue will be resolved naturally within the next few days.

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