Kim Reynolds bashed after claiming Iowa gives ‘everyone the freedom to flourish’

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

On Iowa’s birthday, Governor Kim Reynolds paid homage to her state by claiming that it was an honor to lead the state. This announcement was made on her personal Twitter account. Here, she also claimed the state offered individual freedoms. While her message was clearly a positive one, many people took offense to this remark regarding freedom. Overall, more than 200 people replied with many of them criticizing the governor’s choice of words.

Specifically, her tweet read: ‘I’m proud to be an Iowan. A place where everyone has the Freedom to Flourish. Happy Birthday Iowa! It’s the honor of a lifetime to lead this state.’

Naturally, her statement didn’t go down with the liberals of the state. Here, one user named Fred Francis chimed in saying: “The kids, LGTBQIA, public schools, and workers, and migration have little to no freedom at all because of politics. The slogan Freedom to Flourish is a lie.”

Similarly, a user named Kris Sheehan added: “Caveat*unless you are LGBTQ, a teacher, a minimum wage worker, a woman, a child living in a low-income family…”

Unfortunately for Reynolds, many others followed a similar theme, as these were just a couple of the comments that disagreed with her. Despite offering a punchy slogan, it looks as though many Iowans do not agree with the policies of their governor.


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