Homeless encampment near school removed after mass of public complaints

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

The Sacramento Department of Community Response (DCR) has witnessed a notable surge in inquiries concerning a homeless encampment established near Tahoe Park. The 311 call center has received at least 80 requests related to the encampment, prompting city officials to address the situation.

While concerns regarding the encampment’s proximity to an elementary school (approximately 500 feet) played a role in the decision to take action, the primary motivation stems from the violation of city ordinances prohibiting camping in public parks. Part of a kid’s playground was used by the encampment. As seen below, the encampment was within walking distance of a local school.


The DCR expects the Tahoe Park encampment to be dismantled by Friday. Prior to its removal, efforts were made to ensure minimal disruption to park users, particularly children utilizing the nearby playground. The city acknowledges the complex challenges surrounding homelessness and is committed to working collaboratively with community stakeholders to identify and implement effective solutions.

The closure of the Tahoe Park encampment represents a single step in addressing a broader issue. City officials emphasize the need for continued dialogue and collaborative efforts to address the underlying causes of homelessness and develop sustainable solutions that support both individuals experiencing homelessness and the broader community.

As is often the case with the dismantling of homeless encampments, this brings up the long-term question of where the homeless population moves to next.

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