Brutal image shows destroyed Mystery Manor after demolition job

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

To some, Mystery Manor was just another business in Omaha. To others, it serves as a historical reminder of the city’s past and served families for generations. Earlier this year, the haunted house closed its doors for good after decades of business. Since then, the building hasn’t stood around for very long and this week was finally demolished.

This was shown by a local photographer named Mike Machian who documented the demolition on his Instagram account. It also showed drone footage of the abandoned site from above. This was put on his Instagram account which was captioned: ‘Another reminder that people and places that have seemingly been around forever are not actually here forever.’

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Somewhat defiantly, the logo and Mystery Manor text still remain visible among the rubble which is somewhat ironic for a haunted house attraction, as if the spirit of the building lives on. For now, the site owner Creighton has not yet sold or developed the land, so for now there are no plans in place for future development.

Mystery Manor was a beloved haunted attraction located in Omaha, Nebraska, that operated for an impressive 38 years before closing its doors recently. The old building was a staple of the city’s haunted house scene, and its closure has left a void in the local entertainment landscape.


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