Boulder Mansion listed for sale – And it’s a modern masterpiece

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

Originally built in 2016, this Boulder mansion is nothing short of a modern masterpiece and is certainly unique. Located on just over 1 acre of land, it features 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 6,395 sqft of living space. As seen, it has been crafted into the side of a large hill which also gives it stunning views of the local scenery. This is amplified by the use of huge windows on the front of the house which are present on all three floors.

Located at Flatirons Park, this property is also filled with an array of luxury features that can’t be easily found in most ordinary homes. Unfortunately for prospective buyers, this home’s price is not ordinary either as the buyers are asking for a whopping $9,250,000 on Zillow.


The property also comes with large open-plan rooms, a wet bar and wine room, an outdoor dining area with a kitchen, a huge walk-in closet, a gym room, an extended balcony, a swimming pool and jacuzzi, an entertainment room, and a laundry room. As well, it features solar panel roofing to take advantage of the natural sunlight and is the highest house in the neighborhood, meaning there are no overlooking properties toward the rear.


Overall, it will be interesting to see if this property achieves its current asking price. Although this is highly ambitious, you can’t deny that it matches the vibe of the house which is one of the best in Boulder.


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