Albuquerque Chipotle restaurant resorts to covering windows after constant vandalism

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, the Chipotle restaurant on Montgomery and San Mateo resorted to covering their windows with metal mesh to avoid getting smashed. This comes after a hectic year for the fast food joint which constantly saw their windows attacked by callous vandals.

As seen in the image below, what used to be a large section of windows have since been replaced by a mass of ugly metal blocks. While this doesn’t look very appealing, it is undoubtedly a last resort taken by the eatery due to one smashed window too many.


Currently, there are 7 Chipotle locations based in ABQ, with the bulk of them operating as usual. However, this particular location has not been very lucky of late. News of the covered windows spread to Reddit where users had their say. Here, some jokingly compared the location to Mad Max due to the industrial look of the coverings. However, others also claimed that it was a necessary step and that it highlighted the pitfalls of the city. Regardless, it looks like this Chipotle store has solved their problems for the time being.

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