New Smash Burger Joint opens in Long Beach – And locals are loving it

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

Following its resounding success in Venice and Silver Lake, California, popular smash burger restaurant The Window (stylized as Win~Dow) officially opened its doors to Long Beach diners on Tuesday, December 27th. Occupying the space formerly inhabited by Archibald’s, The Window brings its celebrated burger creations and a delightful twist to Belmont Shore’s culinary scene.

While Long Beach locals can look forward to the same savory, smash-style burgers that have garnered The Window its loyal following, this new outpost boasts an exclusive addition: a comprehensive ice cream menu. Featuring shakes and dipped cones alongside signature burgers, The Window caters to a broader spectrum of cravings, promising to become a neighborhood haven for both savory and sweet indulgences. So far, it has enjoyed rave reviews on Google.

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Strategically nestled on a bustling stretch of Second Street, The Window’s arrival holds considerable promise for the four-year-old chainlet, which shares ownership with the well-established Superba Food & Bread and Pitfire Pizza. Belmont Shore’s vibrant nightlife and diverse dining options make it a fertile ground for culinary ventures, and this section of the neighborhood thrives on energetic foot traffic.

2023 witnessed the bittersweet transition of long-standing establishments giving way to newcomers like The Window, marking a shift in the culinary landscape. Further contributing to the neighborhood’s dynamic transformation is the upcoming arrival of L’Antica Pizzeria, another SoCal favorite occupying the former Papalucci restaurant and gearing up for a post-Christmas debut.

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