Joseph Lombardo criticized after calling for better morals in Nevada

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

Nevada Governor Joseph Lombardo was recently criticized over claims that in 2024, Nevada should look towards values such as kindness, decency, and integrity. This statement was made on his Twitter account. Although Lombardo is a popular governor, it’s always risky for a politician to talk about these values due to the nature of their job. Because of this, the statement was quickly jumped on my disgruntled constituents.

Here, his tweet read: ‘As we reflect over the past year and look expectantly to 2024, now is the time to return to civility and to the values that built our state – kindness, decency, and integrity #TheNevadaWay’

Responding to this, one user named Clayton Mitchell cynically claimed: “Integrity…that means not changing abatement deals at the last minute and trying to scoop up tax dollars that were supposed to go to local jurisdictions (to pay for other pet projects), right Governor? Looking forward to that from your office in 2024. Merry Christmas!”

Similarly, another user said: “Are you sure our state wasn’t built on looking the other way for our friends? We help the rich stay rich and hand out passes for people who could buy them 1,000 times over.”

Based on this, it looks as though Lombardo’s call for better values may have fallen on deaf ears by those applying those very standards to his own administration.


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