Customers shocked to find popular Chinese Restaurant adds 12% service charge to menu

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

A photograph recently taken of the Henry’s Cuisine dinner menu highlighted a rather high service charge. While service charges aren’t a new concept, this fee seemed to annoy LA locals due to its steep price. Written in small print at the bottom of the menu, it read: ‘Please be aware that there will be a 12% service charge applied to your bill. Thank you for your understanding. (Additional tipping is optional).’

The image below was first posted to Reddit where one user reacted by saying: “If they just raise the prices and cut that tip there might be fewer people leaving them.” Others also claimed that this made them less likely to tip after having to dish out an extra 12%. However, others disagreed, arguing that if this was up front and the money went directly to the staff then it was acceptable. Rightly or wrongly, Henry’s isn’t the only restaurant with this policy in Alhambra either.


Henry’s Cuisine is a popular Chinese restaurant located in Alhambra, California, just outside of Los Angeles. Founded by Henry Tu and Henry Chau, the restaurant is known for its authentic Cantonese cuisine. With a wide variety of dishes on the menu, from classic favorites like dim sum and noodles to more adventurous options, Henry’s Cuisine has long been a favorite among Los Angeles diners.

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