Concord to get new Chick-fil-A restaurant within months

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

The Bay Area is currently waiting on yet another Chick-fil-A restaurant. Chick-fil-A already has a strong presence in the Bay Area, with at least one location in Millbrae offering free drone delivery to nearby customers.

Now, the popular fast-food restaurant chain has officially announced its expansion into a nearby location. As per documents filed with the California State Water Resources Control Board, the restaurant will be situated at 1981 Diamond Boulevard, within the established Willows Shopping Center.

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While an exact opening date remains undisclosed, the documents indicate that construction is anticipated to be completed sometime after March 1, 2024. This timeframe allows for the meticulous construction process associated with establishing a new Chick-fil-A location, known for its commitment to high-quality facilities and consistent brand experience.

The company was founded in 1946 by S. Truett Cathy in Hapeville, Georgia, and has since grown to become one of the largest and most successful fast-food chains in the United States. It is best known for its signature chicken sandwich, which features a hand-breaded, pressure-cooked chicken breast served on a toasted bun with pickles.

In addition to its chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A also offers a range of other menu items, including salads, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches. As of 2022, Chick-fil-A has over 2,900 locations in the United States and is expanding internationally.

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