Bizzare lights spotted in Santa Cruz skies – And here is the reason why

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

This week, the skies above Santa Cruz captivated residents with an unusual sight: a procession of various white lights tracing a precise linear path across the sky. This rather unusual spectacle unleashed a torrent of speculation on social media, with the internet abuzz with theories ranging from extraterrestrial craft to covert military maneuvers.

However, the reality behind the ethereal display held far less exciting intrigue. The bizarre illuminations were, in fact, Starlink satellites, part of a growing constellation deployed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, aiming to deliver broadband internet access to remote and under-served regions.

News of the original sighting was posted to Reddit by a confused and curious resident. However, they were quickly educated on the origins of the lights by those who had seen it all before.


While orbiting since 2019, Starlink’s visibility has dramatically increased in recent months as SpaceX scales its satellite deployment. This heightened visibility has translated into more frequent sightings, not only in Santa Cruz but across the continental United States.

The Santa Cruz sighting was readily corroborated by SpaceX’s Starlink tracker, clearly outlining the satellites’ trajectory as they traversed the city. With SpaceX’s ambitious plans to launch thousands more satellites in the near future, residents of Santa Cruz can likely expect to encounter these celestial visitors with increasing regularity.

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