Tracey’s Irish Bar slapped with ‘Stop work order’ by city council

December 27, 2023 by No Comments

While closed, Tracey’s Irish Bar has been slapped with an order from the New Orleans Department of Safety and permits to stop work on the current premises at 3226 Magazine. According to the yellow slip posted on Tracey’s window, this is due to no permit. The notice also goes into further detail, claiming that painting did not require a permit, while drywall and electric work did.

Despite this, a local sleuth managed to photo staff entering the property which was posted to Reddit as proof. Having said this, most users were in favor of Tracey’s, with many arguing that the city delayed restaurants and bars due to their slow response when it came to dealing with permits. When thinking about rent, this can quickly become a costly situation for local businesses.


Known for its lively atmosphere and friendly staff, the bar was recently in the news for its decision to move to a new location on Magazine Street, just a few blocks away from its original location. Over the years, the bar has been known for its Hamburger Poboy, a fresh take on a beloved local sandwich, to the World’s Best Roast Beef, served with flavorful garlic brown gravy. Based on the above notice, it looks as though customers may have to wait a little longer before these dishes can be served again.

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