Critically acclaimed Capitol Hill Pizzeria announces closure after lease issue

December 27, 2023 by No Comments

On December 30, 2023, the highly esteemed Capitol Hill pizzeria Blotto will definitively close its doors following the completion of its Saturday service. This closure is precipitated by the expiration of the restaurant’s lease, a development announced by Blotto’s management on Instagram earlier this week.

In a departure from its customary practice of exclusively offering whole pizzas, Blotto will devote its final week of operation to serving slices alone. This decision aims to allow as many patrons as possible a final opportunity to enjoy the pizzeria’s renowned pies. However, potential customers should note that Blotto remains closed on Tuesdays, operating during its final days (Wednesday through Saturday) from 5:00 pm until all available slices are sold, which typically occurs within two hours.

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Blotto co-owners Jordan Koplowitz and Cal Hoffmann acknowledged in a recent statement that they have been aware of the impending property sale for several months. Though initially exploring the possibility of extending their tenancy until the actual sale of the valuable corner location on 12th Avenue and East Denny Way, Koplowitz and Hoffmann ultimately embraced the year-end as an opportune time to conclude a remarkably successful chapter in Seattle’s culinary landscape.

Following a successful Seattle pop-up launch in 2020, Koplowitz and Hoffmann officially opened their intimate Capitol Hill establishment in June 2021. The pizzeria rapidly garnered widespread acclaim, regularly attracting queues extending along the entire block and consistently selling out its inventory within two hours. After navigating the demands of a whirlwind two-and-a-half years, Koplowitz indicated that the co-owners now seek a period of rejuvenation and introspection before embarking on their next venture.


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